4 ways to get over a college break-up

 Its Valentine’s Day, but don’t get too down and out….. here are some tips to get over a break up in college.


1.Go shopping, and treat yourself with a new outfit.



2. Spend time with your single friends and celebrate a night out. Enjoy a free ride here with this link  or a trip out of town.



3. Break ups are stressful, but having a spa day where you get a massage should relax your worries away.

4. Catch up on binge watching your favorite tv show and enjoy 25% off a pizza at Papa Johns with this code ORIOLES25 when you order online.


Getting over a break up is easier said than done. Doing something you love, or have always wanted to do is the best way to embrace your newly found singleness, and get over your break up troubles.


Remember college is some of your best years you will experience in life, don’t let a break up ruin your day.