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There is no completely objective manner in which to rate universities — after all, mine had the best pizza bagels of any school by far, but that is (tragically) rarely reflected in its numerical ranking. Still, there are a number of factors that we can use to compare colleges, and the QS World University Rankings is…

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Sorority Recruitment Memes

Jason Kempin/Getty When you have to suffer through sorority recruitment, which is a horrific combination of a job interview and a first date, and if there is a hell, it will feature 20-year-olds with perfectly-coifed ringlets asking you what your major is: When you start to meet people and you click right away: When a professor asks…

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5 signs you should change your major

Studies show that over 60 percent of students change their majors. Most of the time this change is due to the fact that they have a different career interest. Other reasons are because of earning potential, listening to family and friends, inspiration from a professor, or the mistake of choosing a major without the research being done first.

Picking your major is one of the most important decisions to make after you choose to go to college. 

The coursework as you transition from high school is different, and now you are deciding a path for your future career. If you hate going to class, maybe changing majors is not such a bad idea, especially as a freshman, the courses you have already taken should be able to carry over.

5 signs that you should change your major: 


  • Your grades are suffering badly

  • You are bored with studying for your major’s coursework

  • You are courious about other majors

  • You just want a change, and can’t stop thinking about the transition