2017 is going to be YOUR year!


At the start of every new year the gym is over capacity…..




Everybody is excited because they have a new year’s resolution to be better, fitter, healthier, and make 2017 their best year yet!


I am excited to share healthy habits, and encourage a fit lifestyle. Yet, what I hate to see happen, towards the end of January, the motivation slowly leaves. The excitement of going to the gym becomes an after thought, and excuses take over.


When speaking with students visiting my office, a common question I often hear is,

“How do I stay motivated”? 


Tip 1: Stay Persistent

14021521_1175358402484741_71952548888393287_nFind an exercise you enjoy. If you enjoy the activity, you will be more persistent in being successful. Some fun activities include aerobics, yoga, dance classes, biking, running.

Tip 2: Bring a Friend


Associate with people with similar goals. It is important to have an accountability partner in your circle. If you hang out with friends that suggest going to a pizza buffet over spin class, those bad habits will influence you.  Find a friend that will become your 2017 accountability partner and motivate each other.  


Tip 3: Be Realistic with your Goals



Remember you didn’t gain the Freshman 15 lbs in one week. Allow for slow progress over time. Just because you do not see results within 1 month, you still have 11 more months to come out on top. An estimated healthy weight loss is approximately 1 lb per week. We all have our bad days, just stay focused until next time.


2017 is going to be YOUR Year!!!


Dr. Timothy Quinn, Family Medicine 


Get rid of the Holiday Blues : (-> : )

During this season of the year, there are less hours of sunlight, it is cold, semester grades are coming in, and expectations of family become extra! I know when I was a student at this point all I wanted to do was sleep.


If you are finding yourself having less energy, concentration, happy feelings, and interests in ordinary fun activities, you may have the holiday blues.


During the holidays, a lot of students feel stress and sadness, which is not uncommon.

Ways to fight these less than happy feelings include:

  •  Exercise- Working out improves your overall feelings of happiness by directing negative energy into something positive, plus you will feel 10x better and look better
  •  Socializing-Getting out of the house to hang with family or old friends will help you to connect and relive happy moments, *don’t turn down an invite
  •  Volunteering– Participating in community events such as holiday drives will make you feel better making a powerful contribution to those less fortunate
  • Relax-Accepting that you are doing the best you can, and not allowing family expectations to bum you out (meditate)


If your mood is severe, I advise you to seek a medical evaluation by your healthcare provider. It is also important to not hesitate to seek emergency care if you or a love one develops thoughts of harming themselves or others. It is always comforting to have support during the holidays


Enjoy this holiday season, and let’s not forget the reason for the season!


Dr. Quinn

Quinn Healthcare

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10 Money Saving Tips For College Students

By: Rachael Faust

Do you have champagne taste? Are high-priced textbooks, $5 lattes, and paying to print getting you down? If this is you, fear not! You can have what you want by being a savvy shopper, and these 10 tips will help you $ave! 

Check them out below:——Results are guaranteed to Stretch your hard-earned dollar a little further.


Why spend money on music when apps like Spotify, Pandora, and Google Play exist? Save yourself some cash and stream music for free!



Eating out may be a social rite of passage, but you have to have discipline when your budget comes into question.



Rent your textbook for 3 months instead of a full semester. Take your notes ahead of time. Send the book back 3 months into the semester. Remember to be a thorough note-taker!




Save time and money. No more lines! Also, if you buy a $4 cup of coffee every day, in a year you’ve spent over $1400. Purchase a $15 coffee machine from Walmart and keep it moving.



Don’t allow yourself to slip into frequent delinquency. I know times are tough in college, but you don’t have to make it worse if you can help it. 



Living with others allows you to split rend and all expenses that come with living on your own.



Chipotle will give you a free drink with your meal. Just flash your student ID. Sams Club offers a Collegiate Membership that comes with a 15 dollar gift card. Show your student ID at H&M and get an extra 15% off your total. 


Colleges offer gyms to their students free of charge…you know after you’ve paid thousands in tuition. Get your money’s worth every chance you get!


Are you a responsible student. Do you take detailed notes. Come through for your classmates and make some money in the process. You deserve it!



Lay out at your pool. Go to work. Check out the local bars. Catch a movie. Get some sleep. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on plane tickets and hotel reservations to have fun over Spring Break. Sometimes, less is more! 

Saving money can be hard, especially when you are still figuring out life. I just want you to know that it is possible, no matter where you currently stand in life. Stick in there! You’ll be fine. Until next time!


Rachael Faust

Operations Supervisor at University of Mississippi

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The negative side of Prescription Drugs

My Final Exams Are Next Week!

This was the response I got from a new patient after I explained that he would have to be properly evaluated before prescribing stimulants.
He then told me that he didn’t have a lot of time, and would get his medications another way.


On our college campuses, students have a lot of pressure to achieve academic success.
Unfortunately, an estimated 1 out of 6 students are trying to cope by using risky methods such as prescription stimulants. The most known drugs obtained from friends or dealers include Ritalin and Adderall.


 Although some students report higher academic success when taking these medications, increased risks of improperly usage  include malnutrition, feeling of hostility, paranoia, and cardiovascular complications to include strokes. These drugs must be monitored and prescribed by a medical physician.

I understand finals are stressful, but maintaining your health is important. Do not let an exam grade, force you to harm your body to the point you encounter long-term health issues.

Good luck to everyone taking finals! If you know anyone who is struggling with abusing prescription drugs do not hesitate to forward this link for them to get help.

Dr. Tim Quinn


Quinn Healthcare

5 Ways to Nail Your Next Job Interview

By: Rachael Faust

So you’ve done it! After 4, 5, maybe even 6 years, you’ve finally graduated from the university of your choice. Congrats are in order because you’ve completed something that millions aspire to receive “A college degree”.

So….now what?

Well, if you haven’t already gotten that dream job, don’t get down. According to the Washington Post 4 out of 5 students will graduate without a job lined up.

With those statistics it can be discouraging, but these 5 tips will  get you closer to snagging a job worthy of those countless tears. Cheers to the late nights!


1. Preparation is Key! If you fail to plan then you’ve planned to fail.

Once you’ve snagged an interview, make sure you fully understand the job description.  The best way to get started is to research the company’s website to find out what their mission is.Not only will this show a greater interest, but let the employer know that you have dedicated time and effort.The more you know about the organization, the more you will allow your confidence to shine through.  *Always have a list of questions prepared to ask during the interview*


2. Don’t undersell your personal strengths.

This is your time to shine. Being a recent graduate means you may not have much job experience so be creative! If you have led any groups on campus, solved problems in class projects, or volunteered, highlight those moments.


3. Watch your posture.

Believe it or not, how you carry yourself can take you very far in life. Sitting tall, and not slouching, are just known key points to remember. Don’t forget having a firm handshake and making eye contact makes a great first impression. FYI: You are being watched as soon as you enter the office, so the lobby is not a time to take a break.


4. Know your weaknesses and strengths.

So, just in case you forgot: No one is perfect. You aren’t. Your interviewer isn’t. The owner of the company is NOT! Knowing what your weaknesses are shows that you have areas you are wanting to work on, not that you can not handle the job. Some good answers when asked that question is to not give a negative answer, for example: What are your weaknesses and strengths? :  “My strength is my flexibility to handle change. As customer service manager at my last job, I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team. As far as weaknesses, I feel that my management skills could be stronger, and I am constantly working to improve them.”


5. Make sure to never get TOO comfortable!

OK you mastered the interview, but what you do after is just as important. Make sure you write a thank you card to let the company know you appreciate their time. Most employers go through several interviews in a week. Sending a follow up email shortly after, will help you to stand out from the other candidates.

Hopefully these tips can help you nail your next interview!

Best of luck as you continue to search for your dream job recent graduates! Whichever route you decide after you finish college, rather to start a business, or join the military, always put your best foot forward.


Rachael Faust

Operations Supervisor at University of Mississippi

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Kermit test taking tips

By Sadie Daily


Who do you listen to? 😅⏩⏩⏩⏩⏩🔠✅❓

Cramming for an exam is easy to do. 

Studying the night before, even the morning of an exam was my habit. I could have aced those tests if only I took a little time to go over the material first.


Its hard to balance studying time, with relaxing. That is why it is good to stretch out your time to study, and break up those study blocks to get the mental relief you need. 

Give your brain time to not only read to remember, but read to understand.

If you can find an accountable study partner, take advantage of it

Good luck College Drifters,

Sadie Daily

Media Specialist